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Quality heating and cooling products are just where we begin. The technicians at are trained and equipped to handle anything from routine maintenance on a Commercial HVAC system to a complete retrofit of an existing HVAC system.

Cripple Creek Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is the outdoor unit that cools air and sends it to the indoor unit for circulation through your office. Indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. When the air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and longer system life. Read more »

Cripple Creek Furnaces

Furnaces heat and circulate warm air in the winter. Furnace heating ability is measured with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. A higher AFUE percentage indicates a more efficient furnace. Read more »

Cripple Creek Boilers

Boilers heat and circulate hot water or glycol through systems using piping to and from Coils, Heat Exchangers, and Air Handlers, distributing heat as needed throughout buildings. Read more »

Cripple Creek Refrigeration

Refrigeration is a process in which work is done to move heat from one location to another. The work of heat transport is traditionally driven by mechanical work but can also be driven by heat, magnetism, electricity, laser, or other means. Refrigeration has many applications, including, but not limited to: household refrigerators, industrial freezers, cryogenics, and air conditioning. Heat pumps may use the heat output of the refrigeration process, and also may be designed to be reversible, but are otherwise similar to refrigeration units.

Refrigeration has had a large impact on industry, lifestyle, agriculture and settlement patterns. The idea of preserving food dates back to the ancient Roman and Chinese empires. However, refrigeration technology has rapidly evolved in the last century, from ice harvesting to temperature-controlled rail cars.

Cripple Creek Heat Pumps

A split system heat pump keeps offices comfortable all year long. In summer, it draws heat out of your office to cool it. In the winter, it draws heat from outside air into your office to warm it. Read more »

Cripple Creek Packaged Heating and Cooling Systems

In a packaged system, all equipment is built into an outdoor unit, usually on a concrete slab or other platform. The "package" that gives it its name provides central air conditioning during the summer and heat in colder months. Read more »

Cripple Creek Thermostats

Thermostats are extremely important because they are your interface and control system for your heating and air conditioning equipment. This is the device that will give you the information on what the equipment is doing, when it needs to be serviced, and allows you to set the exact temperature and humidity you want to maintain in your office. Read more »